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Providing a modern solution for a traditional experience.

I was approached by the team at Berg Digital who provide online booking systems to SME’s. Their latest client Saint Barber was just about to open its door for the first time and needed an identity to reflect their traditional boutique standards whilst appealing to the modern gent who wants to be able to book an appointment easily. Online booking systems were relatively new to Europe so this was an exciting USP for Saint Barber.

As it was a start up the budget was extremely tight. However the client is a passionate artist and had a great idea of what he was after so the brief was defined from the word go which helped deliver a result within budget.

The new style

Having being lucky enough to visit Austria a few times before, I admired the consistent nod to traditional design with gold ornate flourishes.

Saint Barber - design inspiration
It was no surprise this was the look and feel Saint Barber were aiming for; a familiar, warm setting with luxurious embellishments.

The logo is a sharp Fraktur typeface (also known as Gothic or Blackletter) with ornate flourishes that frames the name SaintBarber.

Of course it wouldn’t be a true gentleman’s saint barber without a classic barber pole and halo.

Saint Barber - Logo

The retail design not only included the logo but also signage, flyers, business cards, t-shirts, aprons, vouchers, as well as a presentation of ideas on how the brand could go a step further and be applied to products to sell online and in the shop.

Saint Barber - business cards
Saint Barber - apron
Saint Barber - window decals
Saint Barber - awning

Saint Barber have since taken the identity I created and applied it to hair and beard care products.

Saint Barber - products
Saint Barber - products 2


Saint Barber is now so busy that appointments are booked up far in advance shop has had to open an extra day a week to accommodate the high demand. The shop has also launched a successful new skin care range featuring the identity I created as the main look and feel throughout the packaging design.

Saint Barber - products 3
Saint Barber - jacket
But more importantly for Saint Barber, they have created an intimate haven for men to share a beer and chat about one another. Health and wellbeing is at the heart of the ethos here and you can really feel the spirit when you walk through the door in to a treasure trove of craft and care.
Saint Barber - on the street